Nintex Workflow 2010 (Standard Edition) Installation

Following the Nintex Workflow 2010 Installation Guide here’s my installation notes:

  • Install Nintex on the server where the SharePoint Central Administration (SPCA) is hosted
  • Use the SharePoint Farm Installation account
  • The following SharePoint Services should be running:
    • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application (WFE and Application Server)
    • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service (Application Server only)
  • Set the User Account Control to Never Notify
  • On Windows Services (Start ->Run services.msc) make sure SharePoint 2010 Administration service is running.

Installing Nintex Workflow 2010

  • On Section 1.1 Run installer
    • Add the solution to SharePoint
    • Select ‘Install Nintex Live’ when prompted.
  • On Section 1.2 Deploy the Solution Package
    • On SPCA->Manage farm solutions deploy ‘nintexworkflow2010.wsp’ to ‘All content Web applications’
    • On SPCA->Manage farm solutions deploy ‘nintexworkflow2010.wsp’ to the Central Administration web application
    • Do not deploy nintexworkflow2010enterprisefeatures.wsp
  • On Section 1.3 IntallingNintex Workflow 2010 Enterprise
    • Not Applicable
  • On Section 1.4 Importing the License
    • The license is sent via email when you request for a trial from their site

Database Configuration

  • On Section 2.1 Database configuration
    • Name the configuration database as ‘NintexWorkflow2010DB’.
  • On Section 2.2 Adding a Content Database (optional)

Configure Nintex Workflow 2010

  • On Section 3.1 Web Application Activation
    • activate on web application
  • On Section 3.2 EnableNintex Workflow 2010 Workflow Actions
    • Select/Enable all actions
  • On Section 3.3 Configuring Email Settings
    • Set Email settings as appropriate
      • Set From and Reply To address to ‘’
    • Set Allow verbose workflow logging to Yes
    • Set the rest of the settings on default setting
  • On Section 3.4 Enabling and ConfiguringLazyApproval
    • Enable Lazy Approval

Nintex Live

  • On Section 4.1 Establishing a Connection toNintex Live
    • Verify a successful connection to ‘Nintex Live connection test’
  • On Section 4.2 EnablingNintex Live forNintex Workflow
    • SPCA->Nintex Workflow Management->Live Settings->Enable Nintex Live for Workflow

Activate Features

  • On Section 5.1 Site Collection Activation
  • Enable the following features on the site collection level
    • Nintex Workflow 2010
    • Nintex Workflow 2010 InfoPath Forms
    • Nintex Workflow 2010 Web Parts
    • Nintex Workflow – Nintex Live Catalog
  • On Section 5.2 Site Activation
    • Enable feature on the site level
      • Nintex Workflow 2010

Installation done.


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